Our partners

ADC Tanzania is currently working in partnership with the U.S. African Development Foundation (USADF) to support development of SMEs in various places in the country. USADF is an independent U.S. Government agency established by Congress to invest in African grassroots organizations, entrepreneurs, and small and medium-sized enterprises. The projects that ADC Tanzania and USADF are currently working with, are in the areas of: Core Grants, Power Africa, Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) and Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE).

1. Masama Mula AMCOS

Masama Mula AMCOS Ltd is a smallholder coffee farmers’ cooperative society located on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, in Hai district;  it was established to mobilize farmers to grow Arabica coffee as a cash crop and received a grant from USADF to improve its administrative and managerial capacity and invest in a modern coffee processing unit.

2. Mwika Kinyamvuo AMCOS

MKRCS is a smallholder farmers’ primary cooperative society that is located on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, in Moshi rural district; with the primary objective of mobilizing smallholder farmers to grow Arabica coffee as a cash crop. The purpose of this grant is to address some of the constraints that the cooperative faces in improving the quantity and quality of coffee production.

3. Tanzania Human Development Foundation (TAHUDE)

TAHUDE issues micro-loans for construction of fixed dome bio digesters in rural parts of Tanzania, currently operating in Arusha Region, Karatu District. TAHUDE collaborates with Gongali Model Co. Ltd to provide the technical expertise for construction of the bio digesters.

4.Kingerikiti AMCOS Limited

Kingerikiti AMCOS Ltd is a registered farmers’ cooperative based in Nyasa District, Ruvuma region, Southern Tanzania. The cooperative was founded with the objective of increasing incomes of  smallholder farmers.

5. Laela AMCOS

LAELA AMCOS is in Sumbawanga Rural District with the objective to undertake modern commercial farming to create improve the quality of their produce, increase productivity, access large and reliable markets which will create employment, increase their incomes, and improve the livelihoods in this particular community.

6. Kanyele AMCOS

Kanyele AMCOS is a resilient and remote farmer organization whose purpose is to develop a strong and growing maize value chain to increase members incomes and build stronger and sustainable rural community in Rukwa Region, Kalambo District.

7. Azimio Mswiswi (Under PD Stage)

Azimio Mswiswi High Quality Rice Millers (AMHQRM) was formed by grain producers located in Mbarali District Mbeya Region. In June 2016, USADF awarded AMHQRM an OAG grant to increase member’s incomes through improved agricultural production of rice and collective bulking and marketing of their products. The grantee is now under PD pending an EEG award.

1.Ageco Energy & Construction Limited

Ageco Energy Limited is a company installing a 32kilowatt biomass gasification system in Magungumka Village in Karatu district, a rice-farming community. The biomass gasifier will be powered by rice husks, which will eliminate existing pollution problems associated with their improper disposal and will provide power to 200 households and businesses.

2. Galaxy Energy Solutions Limited

Galaxy Energy Solutions Limited is a company installing a solar mini-grid in the small farming villages of Kalamba, Mkanoge and Tipo in Mkuranga district, Pwani region. The solar mini-grid is connected to one school, one health center, two water pumps, and 150 households, creating access to energy and clean water for 3,500 villagers.

3. Lucas Engineering and Management Services (T) Company Limited

LEMS is a privately and locally owned off-grid power generation and distribution company which has been involved in solar/wind power generation and distribution in hard-to-reach areas of Tanzania. The grant funds the construction of a 20kW solar wind hybrid micro-grid to supply power to business centers, social institutions and local communities in Murumba Village, Lalji Ward in Katesh District, Manyara region.

1. Tai Tanzania

Tai Tanzania focuses on addressing community challenges through use of  animation. People with albinism in Tanzania are likely to end up being illiterate due the ignorance and stigma attached to the condition. Tai Tanzania’s Pamoja Project aims at educating the public and promoting access to quality education among youths with albinism in Tanzania through animation. Tai Tanzania is in Dar es Salaam. https://tai.or.tz/

2. Hyper Interactive Company Ltd

Hyper Interactive Co. Ltd focuses on the use of technology in solving entrepreneurship challenges. The Clean Collect computer application is used by solid waste management companies to track payment records as well as managing the administrative and other operational processes of the company. The software is built as a payment service to be integrated with mobile money service providers.

3. Aqua Farms Organization

Aqua Farms was established to alleviate the current shortage of fish in and around Dar es Salaam city. Using modern fish breeding technology, the project operates a modern fish hatchery to breed and supply fish fingerlings to fish farmers in Tanzania. Increased fish consumption will enhance the nutritive value of food and in particular the rate of protein intake. https://aquafarmshatcheries.co.tz/

1. Tushinde Company Limited: Mama Kit 

Tushinde Company Limited, based in Dar es Salaam,  seeks to provide affordable delivery kits containing essential supplies needed by women during childbirth. These kits contain clean and hygienic tools often required by rural women giving birth in rural health clinics.

2. Mama wa Shamba Enterprises

Mama wa Shamba Enterprises seeks to serve as a production and training center for the community, including women and youth. The processing center enables Mama wa Shamba to train women and youth in food processing, entrepreneurship development and management. This organisation is located in Mapinga, Bagamoyo.

3. Dream Developers Limited: Bee Keeping Processing and Value Chain

Dream Developers Limited is in the process of establishing a modern bee harvesting, packaging and beehive manufacturing plant in Tanzania. They provide services to contract farmers by training them in beekeeping management, retailing commercial hives, harvesting and purchasing honey products. This grantee is located at Tegeta, Dar es Salaam.